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Disclosure requirements:

  1. Faculty and Specialists in Cooperative Extension (CE) must obtain prior approval for all **Category I activities, Student Involvement, and **Requests to Exceed Thresholds. We strongly encourage submitting prior approval requests as soon as faculty become aware of the potential engagement. Delays with review and approval may occur if details, required consultation(s), and required documents are missing. Full and complete requests should route routinely with less chance of delays when all involved in the review and approval process engage as timely as possible. However, complex requests may take six weeks or longer. **Note: The final decision rests with the Provost.
  2. Faculty and Specialists in CE must disclose all OPA in UC OATS as well as address potential conflicts of interest (COI) or intellectual property (IP) issues with the appropriate offices.
  3. Category I and II OPA, whether compensated or uncompensated, must be disclosed in UC OATS every year.
  4. Faculty and Specialists in CE who did not engage in OPA must still submit an Annual Certification Report in UC OATS.

Conflicts of interest (COI) and Intellectual Property (IP)

  • Although COI and IP concerns are not managed through UC OATS, faculty are required to attach proof of consultation with the appropriate offices to ensure that they are being addressed.
  • Conflict of Interest (COI): Please contact Executive Associate Vice Chancellor Denise Ehlen to discuss COI for OPA related questions.
  • Intellectual Property (IP): questions about IP as a function of OPA must be discussed with the Technology Transfer Office.
  • Currently, these reporting systems are not integrated. You may be required to report in ECOI if you have OPA that creates a conflict of interest. If you are uncertain of the requirements, it is best to always check with these offices for clarification of disclosure requirements.
  • The University of California Outside Activity Tracking System (UC OATS) initiative and implementation is a multi-campus Conflict of Commitment system that facilitates the collection, review, approval, and reporting of faculty outside professional acticities (OPA) for all ten campuses. UC OATS is an easy-to-use, we-based application through which university faculty members utilize to report their outside activities and income as required by the UC Conflict of Commitment (COC) Policies.